I’m a passionate software engineer with several years of experience in Backend development, and also in web frontends architecture, which gives me a good understanding of the web stack, although I’m not currently focused on the development of the frontend parts.

I’m very interested in working on challenging problems with distributed systems; I have some experience working on distributed systems based on microservices architectures.

My past experiences has been in a variety of programming languages, but the most used and with broader experience in the last years has been NodeJS and Go, being Go the one that I mostly since 2015; nonetheless, I’m pragmatical therefore I believe in using the right tool for the job.

I worked for several companies, quite a few of them start-ups and in the last years I’ve only worked in fully remote positions; if you want more detailed information, download my resume.

To see some of Go package, small tools and examples which I developed, visit go.fraixed.es.