Passionate Software Engineer

Bulding Maintainable & Reliable Software


I love to build maintainable & reliable software with simplicity & performance in mind.

Software engineering is NOT about writing high level machine language with no sense.

Engineering is about using the science in a practical way to innovate, design, build, improve and maintain software systems with the main goal to solving real problems.

To achieve it, we have to build software with simplicity in mind; simple things are easy to understand for other people and that's very important in software engineering, because it makes our software more maintainable.

Making simple things are not easy and only is possible to do achieve for a group of people who collaborate together with no barriers, they are open to provide and receive feedback and they also look for it outside of the group itself.


I have piled 12 year of working experience in technology.

In chronological order, I worked as help desk and system maintainer, developer in a university research team, programmer analyst for an insurance company and system administrator and IT manager for two non technological companies.

After those and not being satisfied in what I achieved, I moved abroad to work for the new enterprise era (a.k.a startups) as a software engineer.

After I had an experience of designing and building from scratch the whole system for a new business idea for a year, with all the headaches, constraints and lack of resources, I joined as a first paid employee to a high tech visual exploration startup which apply deep learning techniques.

Today I am achieving my goals working as a software engineer for new the new enterprise and spending almost my whole spare time involved with technology for fun and profit.

I keep updating my knowledge with the new appearing technology, I am involved and collaborating with a some tech and open source communities, working in a few side projects and helping to design and build maintainable software for organizations, consolidated companies, startups and individuals.

My Current Stack

It would be to large to write a list of all the systems, data bases, libraries, frameworks, programming languages, etc that I use furthermore I think that it would confusing and it would not say anything about Software Engineering which is in what I am interested than being classified by technology trends.

I used, I am using and I will probably use many of them which existed, are existing and will exist, so I think it is better to apply simplicity here and only mention the ones that nowadays I use in daily basis.

  • Golang
  • JS for Node & Browsers
  • Docker
  • Git

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